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  • What is GiDelave™?
    GiDelave™ is a trademarked group of yarns and fabrics which create a paradigm shift in cellulosic yarn coloration. GiDelave™ products utilize a color diffusion processes that radically reduces water, chemical, infrastructure, and energy consumption over traditional package dyeing.
  • What is Color Diffusion?
    Color Diffusion™ is a continuous yarn coloration technology where a color base is transferred from a unique diffusion reactor to the yarn structure without the use of traditional textile processing equipment and chemicals, high volumes of water, or large amounts of energy. The Color Diffusion™ has the following positive environmental impact when comparing the process to traditional cellulosic yarn dyeing (Fiber Reactive Dyeing). +98% Water Savings Zero Wastewater Discharge +75% Reduction in Chemicals +66% Reduction in CO2 Emissions +50% Energy Savings
  • Does GiDelave™ have any environmental certifications?
    Currently we hold the following certifications and/or endorsements: ISO 9001:2015 Standard - certified quality management system ISO 14001:2015 Standard - certified environmental management system OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard
  • How are the chemicals used in this process managed?
    Our chemical management system requires that all chemicals to be free of any regulated or ZDHC hazardous chemicals, per the ZDHC RSL and MRSL. The chemicals must be on a BlueSign®, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 or another independent/government approved list.
  • How have your environmental claims been verified?
    In addition to the certifications listed, Dr. Sam Moore, PhD has visited our facility to fully substantiate our claims. Please request to see his visit report here: GiDelave™ Inspection Report Request
  • How does the process used to create GiDelave™ products differ from traditional process of cellulosic yarns and fabrics?
    See the below figure from Dr. Sam Moore, PhD full white paper: (Full Report Coming Soon)
  • Do GiDelave™ fabrics and yarns perform as well as products dyed using traditional methods?
    Yes, and in many cases exceeds current performance expectations. Handfeel, yarn, and fabric dynamics are the same or better than traditional production methods. GiDelave™ products show improved performance in color reproducibility, pilling and tear strength over traditional package dyeing and finishing techniques, with equal performance in wash, light, and crocking fastness. In addition, GiDelave™ is chlorine bleachable and BPO safe.
  • Does using GiDelave™ products impact the finishing of final products?
    Yes, because of the unique way that color is applied to yarns minimal finishing is needed to achieve desired looks, such as washdown. This further reduces the water needed in the production of a product and has a positive impact on overall cost of the garment or product.
  • Are there any special considerations when using GiDelave™ products?
    Yes, as the products are bleach and BPO safe traditional wet processes for color reduction are not valid. We recommend reaching desired worn looks through mechanical processes. Commercial fabric softeners can impact color fastness of GiDelave™ fabrics so they should be avoided in the process. GiDelave™ fabrics and yarn naturally have a soft handfeel so commercial fabric softner is not necessary and can be seen as an additional positive attribute of using GiDelave™ products. (Home fabric softeners have no negative impact on GiDelave™ products.)
  • Are these products production ready?
    Yes, this product is fully industrialized and manufactured in our facility in Gaomi City , Shandong China. Fabrics and yarns can be shipped worldwide for use.
  • How can our company start using GiDelave™ Fabrics and Yarns?
    Fashion: Allen Thompson Home: Gary Frenchman Hong Kong: Anthony Lau Japan: Takashi Inoue




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